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Episode # 14

“I can not see the Western world keep funding
a massive universal benefit scheme in Africa.
I just can't see it." 

Fantasy World

- Episode 14 -

“This is bonkers!” Maurice Burns is a British citizen, already living a long time in Uganda. He has seen a lot of NGO’s come and go. He’s very critical against Western imposed development. Eight wants to answer that very important point by letting people decide for themselves. They don’t need Western highly educated people to analyze and tell them what to do. 

But first enjoy Maurice’s take on Western Development Cooperation.

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Fantasy world

Episode 14

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Everyone in Village One gets the same opportunity . Every one in Village One has a unique story to tell. See how a small village and a little basic income have a huge impact on today’s life and its future. Get ready for overwhelming and heartbreaking stories. These are real people working for and dreaming of a better future, for themselves and their children.


All inhabitants of Village One get a individual monthly basic income from development organization Eight.


On VillageOne.Film you see how the people change and develop through basic income. Maybe it also can change your perception on money and equality.


You really see the huge impact of a little basic income, both negative and positive, in the unique stories of the people of Village One.


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